curatorial and community

Curated Exhibitions:

Art That Moves, March 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
Art That Moves is a unique evening of performance art that is as varied as art itself. In the studios of the Workshop Arts Centre, performance artists, dancers, puppeteers, sound artists, poets and others have the opportunity to perform in an intimate space. 2018: Benjamin Hancock, Ellis Hutch, Sabrina Dangelo, Richard Bradshaw, Tug Dumby, MC Amanda Muggleton.

Imag(in)ing, Ewart Gallery, March 2018
An exhibition of microscopic and tomographic scientific images alongside the works created by twelve artists in response to the images.
Scientists: Roger Heady, Wen Hao Kan, Alex Maier, Antonia Posada, Leonie Quinn, Melanie Rug, Tim Senden
Artists: Julie Brooke, Lucy East, Deirdre Feeney, Szilvia Gyorgy, Brigitte Kennedy, James McCallum, Bill Moseley, Tamsin Sahelian, Erica Seccombe, Janet Taverner, Jane Theau and Shona Wilson

Art Without Agency, Ewart Gallery, March 2017
An exhibition of art created by mechanical and robotic mechanisms.
Artists: Grant Stewart, Joe Florio, Karam Hussein and Bronwen Williams, Niloufar Rezaei

www.w (weaving, warp, weft and women), Ewart Gallery, March 2016
Textile and fibre art by woman examining our relationship with the environment.
Artists: Lou Kerr, Beth Hatton, Sue Ryan (of Ghost Nets), Aly de Groot, Nanette Goodsell, Glenese Keavney and Meri Peach.

Y Fibre, an exhibition of textile art by ten male Australian artists, Ewart Gallery in March 2015
Artists: Brett Alexander, Tony Dyer, Troy Emery, Tim Gresham, Lucas Grogan, Sebastian di Mauro, John Parkes, Matt Siwerski, Luke Temby and Paul Yore.

Community Projects:

The Rug Project, Auburn Community Centre
Every two weeks when the Community Kitchen is on at the Auburn Community Centre, asylum seekers from Iran, Burma, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and many other countries join together to create a tapestry rug that will belong to the community. We're doing it stitch by stitch, led by Sayd Mahmood, an Afghani tapestry artist. This project follows on from The Tapestry Couch Project, a collaboration between Sayd, Tasman Munro, me and Settlement Services International.