Over the past twelve months my work has changed direction, largely because my mind is wandering all over the creative firmament, absorbing the musings of artists and philosophers, writers and scientists. This creative renaissance is the result of launching into a PhD at the Australian National University.

I have always been drawn to textiles as a medium for my work and it is this medium that is the bedrock of my research. I am investigating the tactility of textiles and their role as our 'second skin', using their inherent tactility to create work that pushes back against the lack of touch in our increasingly virtual lives.

My journey has been a meandering one, beginning in scientific research, passing through a middle career in economic development, to arrive at this point. I have a Master of Art from the University of New South Wales, a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, NewYork, and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Biomedical Science) from the University of Technology, Sydney.